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Bob has been active in the divestiture and acquisition of businesses since 1982. He has owned and operated two personal businesses throughout his career as well as served 30 years with IBM as an operational executive. During his career with IBM, Bob was involved in several large M&A projects for IBM whereby he assisted in either divested or acquired assets/companies for their portfolio of businesses. He is a graduate of Pace University, Syracuse University, and numerous educational and business programs sponsored by IBM. He has been awarded the first "Lifetime" Mergers & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) through the M&A Source. He was awarded this prestigious professional accreditation, which is a honored Certification earned by only a few. Bob is also a "Lifetime" CBI, and a “Fellow of the IBBA” which is a Certification awarded to those members of the IBBA for their long service in the profession and the organization.