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10 Questions A Seller Should Ask A Business Broker/Intermediary

1.   Are you a Certified Business Broker and Registered Broker/Intermediary ?

2.   Are you affiliated with any Business Brokerage Associations or Trade Groups ?

3.   Will you provide any references ? (Sellers, buyers, Attorneys, CPAs)

4.   How will you determine how much I should ask for my business ?

5.   Will you display my business on any Web Sites ? (If so, how many ?)

6.   How, other than the Internet will you market my business ?

7.   How can you help me screen a potential Buyer while protecting my Confidentiality ?

8.   Under what circumstances will you show my business ?

9.   How often will you contact me about what is going on ?

10. Can you please tell me about you and your firm ?        _____________________________________________________________________________________

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