Business Seller Information

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“Our Business is Selling Businesses”


ProfessionalismFounded in 1989, Dailey Resources has a proven track record spanning more than twenty years.  Our Deal-Team consists of Texas Business Brokers who are Board Certified Broker, Certified Business Intermediary and Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary professionals.   As seasoned transaction dealmakers, we specialize in mergers & acquisitions, business valuations, and the representation of the sellers of businesses.[whohit]Contact Us[/whohit] 

Confidentiality:  We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of the business and its owner because we know that public knowledge of a potential sale can have a negative effect on employees, customers, lenders, suppliers, and stakeholders of the company, thereby harming the company’s value.

Valuation:  Getting the highest price that the market will bring is important to anyone selling their business.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide guidelines on establishing a price. We can also advise you on how to prepare your business for sale to maximize its value.

Marketing:  We pay for all advertising & marketing costs pertaining to the sale of your business.  We will post blind profiles of your business on multiple websites that are designed to attract buyer interest.  We will also conduct direct marketing campaigns to our database of more than 1,400 individual buyers, 38,000 Corporate/Strategic buyers, and 1,800 financial buyers (Private Equity Groups).

Buyers:  After a prospective Buyer has shown interest in your business, that Buyer is required to execute a binding non-disclosure & confidentiality agreement and a Buyer Profile.  If that Buyer meets the Seller’s initial pre-screen requirements, then that Buyer can receive information about your business.

Financial Assistance:  If the prospective Buyer does not have an established lender relationship, we will introduce the Buyer to financing sources, such as SBA Preferred Lenders.  Obtaining an acquisition loan is one of the most critical steps in the business selling process.  We will work closely with the Buyer and Lender to facilitate the timely transfer of documents and relevant information, monitor the process and coordinate the loan closing with the business transfer closing.

Negotiation Strategies: As seasoned transaction specialists, we have the requisite skills with which to effectively negotiate with the Buyer to obtain the best price, terms and deal structure (asset sale, leveraged buy-out, assumption of debt, seller note, earn-out, and a multitude of other deal factors).

Closing the Deal:  We will coordinate with legal counsel in the completion of the Definitive Purchase Agreement documents.  We will continue to provide guidance and assistance throughout the Closing process and the transfer of ownership.