Buyers Seeking Businesses

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We often get calls / inquiries asking if we have certain types of businesses for sale that are not showing on our "Businesses For Sale" Page.  These calls are very valuable in our search for new opportunities.

As a result, we are actively seeking new opportunities to sell.  We have listed below the types of businesses that we have received the most frequent requests:

  • Business To Business Services
  • FedX Long Haul Routes (Nationwide)
  • Durable Medical Eqipment Sales & Services
  • Child Education Facilities (Daycare & Learning Facilities)
  • Home Health Care
  • Manufacturing of Products or Distribution of Products
  • Internet Sales (All products & Services)
  • Interstate / Intrastate Trucking (Flatbed, Van or Enclosed)

We understand that Sellers are often un-easy about talking to just anyone about the option of transitioning their business to a a new owner.  Hopefully, we can overcome that feeling by demonstrating the requirements that must be in place before offering their business for sale to a financial or strategic buyer.

If you are thinking about transitioning your business or just want to explore the options of tranisitioning your business to a new owner please contact us for a "FREE" Consultation.  

Also, we pay "Referral Fees" to anyone that supplies us with a lead for a business that we subsequently sell.laugh