Buyer Search / Representation

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We represent the interests of buyers (Corporations, Private Equity Groups, high net-worth individuals) who are seeking to acquire privately held businesses.[whohit]Buyer Search[/whohit] 

Buy Side Representations / Retainer:

Don’t settle for “Pot Luck” in your efforts to buy a suitable business!

Dailey Resources has a history of successfully representing buyers with their processes to purchase privately held businesses. Types of Buyers (Strategic, Financial, and Job Finder) include Corporations, Private Equity Groups, and high net-worth individuals. Members of our Deal Team will work with you to identify, screen, and initiate conversations with potential acquisition targets.

Our Buy Side Representation services include, on an as-needed or desired basis, a customized implementation of the following structure and methods:

• Define the acquisition criteria
• Maintain buyer and seller confidentiality
• Execution of the acquisition search
• Valuation of potential acquisition candidates
• Determine level of seller’s motivation
• Preparing the initial analysis, Pricing Opinion of Candidate
• Tax and Structure analysis (3rd Party Preparation)
• Submit Letter of Intent (LOI)
• Structure the deal; Support Negotiation of terms and conditions
• Due Diligence support
• Assist in development of Definitive Purchase Agreement
• Support the Closing of the transaction; Transfer ownership

Buyer Funding Support:

• Lender Affiliates and Funding Sources
• Loan Request packaging