Buyer Services

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Buying or merging with another business can be a challenging task. You must choose your advisor wisely.  Our seasoned transaction specialist and Deal Team members can advise you on issues such as price, structure, tax analysis, market conditions, vs\alue drivers and the buying process.  We can also help you with  "Industry and Economic"  information as well as a courtesy review of any existing Buy/Sell Agreements.

We represent the interest of buyers, (Corporations, Private Equity Groups and high net worth individuals) who are seeking to invest in, or acquire privately held businesses.  If you are interested in merging with, or acquiring another company, we identify potential candidates and work as intermediaries to negotiate and facilate the transaction.

The following are some high level services that we provide when you engage with us to buy or merge with a business:

  1. Conduct an acquisition search
  2. Present possible candidates
  3. Facilitate questions and Due Diligence activities
  4. Assist with the best strategy to merge or purchase
  5. Assist with Funding, third party accounting reviews and legal resources
  6. Supporting the negotiations and Closing the deal

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