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Web Site Information

The information and graphics contained within this web site is not to be duplicated, or distributed in whole or in part without prior written approval from Dailey Resources, Inc., herein after referred to as “Dailey”.
The marketing profiles for Businesses For Sale is not intended to tell all details or specifics of the business due to the need to protect the confidentiality of the business and the seller.
The information contained within this web site is considered a “working draft” and may change without notice. The asking price and terms of Businesses For Sale are subject to change without prior notice or obligation due to ongoing business activities.
Disclaimer Notice
The information contained in the marketing profiles of businesses for sale has been supplied by our Client. A potential  purchaser should not rely on representations contained herein, but make his or her own determination and decision after careful deliberation and Due Diligence. Dailey has not audited or otherwise confirmed this information and makes no representations, expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or completeness or the conclusions to be drawn and shall in no way be responsible for the content, accuracy, and truthfulness of such information.
Any and all representations shall be made by the Client Company as set forth in an acquisition agreement or purchase contract, which agreement or contract shall control as to representations and warranties, if any. By requesting a confidential Business Profile Package, the recipient represents that he or she is a sophisticated buyer and is aware that all information that may be important to making a decision to purchase this Business is not contained herein and acknowledges the responsibility to perform a due diligence review after an agreement in principle has been executed between Purchaser and owner.
The Cash Flow Analysis/Owners Discretionary Earnings (ODE) has been supplied by the seller. Such financial information can not anticipate the needs or expectations of the Purchaser. Accordingly, Dailey makes no representations, expressed or implied, as to the validity of the document.
“The Businesses For Sale shown on this web site is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to sell securities.”  Dailey Resources, Inc., is a Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. The Intermediaries at Dailey Resources, Inc. are Texas Registered Business Intermediaries.Dailey does not providing legal, accounting, or tax advice. No third party should rely on the information contained in this report without the advice of their attorney or accountant.

Additional Information
For additional information regarding information or Businesses shown on this web site, contact a representative of Dailey Resources, Inc. Do not attempt to contact a Business Owner. Do not go to a represented Business without a representative of Dailey Resources, Inc. Do not contact any of the employees, vendors, or any other person connected with a represented Business.