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Dailey Resources, Inc., utilizes a proprietary Enterprise Value Improvement Process (e-VIP) to help business owners identify, plan and implement value builders to their business.

There are several reasons why a business owner may want to exit their businesses.  The top most reasons include: "Burnout, No Family Successors, Retirement, Health, Liquidity for other purposes, Lack of Capital and Competition.

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of owners proactively plan ahead for any of those events.  Hence, there is very little preparatoion or effort to increase the value of their businesses for maximum value at the Closing Table.  

A larger percentage of owners either wait or, are forced to react to what we refer to the Six (6) "D's": Death, Divorce, Dissenting partners, Declining market and Debt overload.

We can ease the pain of a dissapointing business value, or minimal to no value at all, through "Exit Planning".  Dailey Resources Team has Specialized Intermediaries that hold the "Certification", experience, knowledge and the resources of professional associations to help you overcome the very high probability that your business will not meet your expectations upon such of an unplanned event.

Our professional association team, includes: Tax Evaluation and Planning, Estate & Investment Planning, Transactional Attorneys & CPA professionals.  Our M&A Services includes consultation and representation for Management Buy-Outs, Stragic Transfer Options, Straigic Buyers and Capital Re-Structuring.

e-VIP Process Chart

e-VIP Process

e-VIP planning begins with a detailed examination of your financial goals.  This approachhelps to create a roadmap that will enable yo to leave your business on your timetable and on your terms. The result of this examination will result in a key axpect of future planning.  That is: the creation of a detailed review of your company's strengths and weaknesses.

From this alalysis the following should be apparent:

  • A review of business owner goals and objectives
  • A professional Business evaluation
  • An operational review to assess "value drivers"
  • Suggested Tax Strategies
  • Timely review recommendations to assist in building business values

We encourage you to Contact Us today for a FREE Consultation.  We are here to help you !