Our M&A Services

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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Dailey Resources, Inc. offers M&A advisory services to the sellers and buyers of lower and middle market businesses. We specialize in privately held companies with annual revenues of less than $50 million. Our services include:[whohit]MA Services[/whohit] 

Mergers & Acquisitions – If you are interested in merging with or acquiring another company, we identify potential candidates and work as intermediaries to negotiate and facilitate the transaction.

Management Buy-Outs – You may choose to transition ownership of your business by selling your company to the existing management team. We will guide you through this process.

Re-capitalizations – You may need access to growth capital to execute your strategic plans. We can help you through the process of evaluating, selecting and obtaining the best available option.

Seller Representation – You may want to sell your company. We can help you maximize the value of your privately held business and provide assistance throughout the transaction.

Buyer Representation – We also represent the interests of buyers (Corporations, Private Equity Groups, high net-worth individuals) who are seeking to invest in or acquire privately held businesses.

* Business Appraisals/Business Valuations – It may not be time to sell your business but you realize that knowing what your business is worth is top priority before you decide.

Dailey Resources represents companies of various sizes and industries.  For the Lower Middle Market and higher valued companies, we recommend and analysis performed by Dailey Resources or an independent third party to arrive at the estimated value of the company. Visit our "Business Evaluation" page for a thorough discussion on Business Evaluations.

Pre-Sale Positioning Process – Selling a business is the single largest financial transaction that most business owners will ever experience.  As a business owner, you must choose your advisor wisely.  Our seasoned transaction specialists and Deal Team members can advise you on issues such as price, structure, and tax analysis, market conditions, value drivers, and the selling process.  You may also want to review the articles under"Seller Information" that are also available on our website.

Exit Planning – Exit Planning begins with a detailed examination of your financial goals. This approach helps to create a roadmap that will enable you to leave your business on your timetable and on your terms. A key aspect of the process is a detailed review of your company's strengths and weaknesses. A strategic exit plan includes:

A review of business owner goals and objectives.
A professional business valuation.
An operational review to assess value drivers.
Suggested tax minimization strategies.
Timely recommendations to enhance business value.