Pre-Sale Positioning

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Selling a Business is the single, largest financial decision that most business owners will ever experience.  It is most important that the "Cart is not in front of the Horse"during this process !  As a business owner, you must choose your advisor wisely.  Our seasoned transaction specialist and Deal Team can advise you on any size business from "Main Street" to complicated M&A Transactions,  Both will inevitably will require help on issues such as price, structure, tax analysis market conditions, value drivers and a well defined selling process for the type of bu siness.  We can also help you with "Industry and Economic" information as well as a courtesy review of any existing "Buy/Sell" Agreements that you may have.

Check out or e-VIP Value Services as to how we can help to increase value and assess "personal and business readiness" before you start the" selling end" of the business cart !

Sell Side Support 

The following are some of the high level services we provide when you engage un to sell your business:

  1. A valid and definitive Listing Agreement
  2. Preparation of a Confidential Business Summary
  3. Assit with your decisions regarding a Business Evaluations and Price
  4. Marketing (An active buyer database with proven marketing tools)
  5. A worldwide Web presence on popular "Buyer" freqented sites
  6. Maintaining Seller Confidentiality with Buyer Prospects
  7. Assist in screening potential purchasers through Non-Disclosure Agreements, Buyer Profile and Intermediary experience
  8. Facilate Buyer calls, visits and Due Diligence
  9. Assist with funding, accounting and legal resourcesA tried and proven Professional Deal Team

We also provide insights to Deal Structures such as:

  • Management Buy-outs – You may choose to transition ownershisp of your business by sell your company to the existing management team or individual.  We will guide you through the process.
  • Re-Capitalization – You may need access to growth capital to execute your strategic plans.  We can help you through the process of evaluating, selecting and obtaining the best available options.

Contact Us today for a FREE Consultation.  We are here to help you !