Steps in the Selling Process

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The items below exhibit a high level summary of the typical steps that a professional Business Intermediary will coordinate during the process of Selling and transfer of a business to a new Owner

  •      Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement
  •      Initial Interview: Determine Goals, Objective & Timeline
  •      Preliminary Due Diligence: Provide Pertinent Data; Determine Range of Value
  •      Reconcile Difference Between Seller Expectations and Market Conditions
  •      Exclusive Listing/Engagement Agreement
  •      Prepare Marketing Materials & Confidential Business Review
  •      Prepare list of Target Buyers
  •      Contact Potential Buyers; Obtain Signed Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement
  •      Obtain Buyer Profile & Financial Ability
  •      Provide Buyer with Confidential Business Review
  •      Buyer & Seller Interview
  •      Site Visit
  •      Buyer Submits Written Letter of Intent (LOI) to Purchase
  •      LOI terms & conditions successfully negotiated
  •      Buyer Submits Earnest Money Deposit
  •      Buyer Begins Confirmatory Due Diligence
  •      Buyer Begins Discussions with Potential Lenders
  •      Buyer Reviews Due Diligence Materials; Confirms Accuracy; Removes Contingencies
  •      Buyer Secures Financing
  •      Draft, Review, Negotiate and Agree to Terms and Conditions of Definitive Purchase Agreement
  •      Schedule Closing: Business Transfer & Acquisition Funding
  •      Day of Closing: Assist In The Execution Of All Documents for Business Transfer & Acquisition Funding
  •      Wire Transfer of Funds & Transfer of Business Ownership
  •      Begin Training & Transition