“Thank you, Mary Jane, for the tremendous value Dailey Resources, Inc. provided to me as a buyer. You made my dream of owning a business become a reality.” - John Pichler, Buyer, Identitec … [Read more...]

Electrotech Systems, Inc.

“I want to thank you for making this whole transaction work out. Your ability to match my capabilities and interests with the right business was uncanny. Your skill in navigating through the financial and governmental maze made the trip considerably easier.” - Richard Pell, Buyer, Electrotech Systems, Inc … [Read more...]

Uptime Corporation

“Dailey was forthright at all phases of our deal. We never had to be concerned with whether we were being misled or misinformed. If we had to come up with one word to describe Dailey Resources, Inc., it would be “INTEGRITY”. - Bryon L. Hay, Seller, Uptime Corporation … [Read more...]

Forrester Distributing

“Thank you for a job well done. Be assured that I will recommend Dailey Resources, Inc. to anyone that needs to find a business.” - Roger Lambdin, Buyer, Forrester Distributing … [Read more...]

Semi-Trailer Mobile Repair Service

“You will never know how much it means to have someone to work with that cares about others and what they want to accomplish. When talking with any one of you on the phone, it is a pleasure.” - Joseph L. Stevens, Seller, Semi Trailer Mobile Repair Service … [Read more...]

Texas Advertising & Design

“I will recommend your organization to anyone interested in either buying or selling a business. I was impressed with your knowledge and ability to handle the whole process.” - Brian Lynch, Seller, Texas Advertising and Design … [Read more...]

Interlink Carrier

“Thank you Dailey Resources, Inc. You did a fabulous job selling Interlink (for which I am eternally grateful).  I do not think that anyone else could have represented the value of my company as well as you did.  I trust you and everyone at Dailey Resources and therefore I am very confident in recommending you.  Please be assured that anytime that I run into someone wanting to sell… or buy a business, I will be referring them to you.  They need to start the process with you and finish with you.” - Russell Tether, Seller … [Read more...]

Weaver Lube Center

“Based on our experience we would not hesitate in recommending Dailey Resources, Inc. to any potential seller or buyer of a business. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you on another deal in the future.” - Jerry W. Wood, Buyer, The Shadow Agency, Weaver Lube Center, In-N-Out Lube Scott Williamson, Buyer “My recommendations for any Buyer would be to seek the expert assistance that Dailey Resources, Inc. provides. It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff.” - Scott Williamson, Buyer … [Read more...]

Stringer’s Chem-Dry

“Your staff has the focus, know-how and experience to see this deal through. After going through this process I now believe there is absolutley no way I would have been successful in selling my business on my own. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to sell their Business (or buy one) to enlist the aid of Dailey Resources, Inc. You have helped me achieve one of most important long term goals, and I am forever grateful.” - Gary K. Stringer, Stringer’s Chem-Dry … [Read more...]

Goldenlook Of Texas & Goldenlook International

“With your tremendous experience and solid support you led us through difficult moments with confidence and clarity to the successful sale of the companies. We would highly recommend Dailey Resources, Inc. to any potential Business Seller or Buyer.” - Bruce and Pat Bolzenthal, Sellers … [Read more...]