What Is An M&A Engagement

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M&A Engagement: An agreement with a SELLER or BUYER  whereby The M&A Intermediary enters into an Agreement that sets forth (at a minimum) the following services:

SELL SIDE (Seller Pays Intermediary Fees)
– Review client and industry and assist in preparing information memo
– Provide a fairness opinion, and possibly an updated fairness opinion
– Identify and screen potential purchasers
– Contact potential purchasers, set up site visits and assist in facilitating buyer’s
due diligence efforts
– Assist the client in negotiations and evaluating proposals

BUY SIDE (Buyer Pays Intermediary Fees)
– Identify potential targets or assist with identified target(s)
– Review information regarding target and client
– Assist in negotiations
– Provide a fairness opinion

M&A Transaction:  Means any transaction or series or combination of related transactions whereby, directly or indirectly, by merger, plan of exchange, sale, consolidation, joint venture or otherwise of the Company’s stock or assets is transferred or to a willing or targeted buyer