Dailey Resources, Inc.<span style="font-size: 13px;">Founded in 1989, Dailey Resources, Inc. has a proven track record spanning more than twenty five years. Our Deal-Team consists of professionals who are Board Certified as Business Intermediaries and Mergers &amp; Acquisitions Master Intermediary professionals. Our professional accomplishments include business ownership, MBA degrees, and corporate world management. Our combined experience of successfully serving sellers and buyers of businesses exceeds 110 years.</span><div>As seasoned transaction dealmakers, we specialize in mergers &amp; acquisitions, business valuations, and the representation of the sellers of businesses. We also perform acquisition searches on behalf of strategic, financial, and high-net worth business buyers.We are often asked: "If you can sell my Business, how would you do it?" If you are considering the option to sell your business, take advantage of our <a title="Complimentary Consultation" href="http://dailey.wpengine.com/our-client-services/complimentary-consultation/">Complimentary, No Obligation Consultation</a> and learn how we do it.If you want to "maximize the value of your business", ask us about our <a title="Selling Tutorial" href="http://dailey.wpengine.com/for-business-owners/selling-tutorial/">"Getting Ready to Sell"</a> service. A business valuation or Range of Value report will determine if there is a gap between your expectations and current market conditions. When your business goes to market, members of our Deal Team are prepared to negotiate the best price, terms, and conditions.If you are "interested in purchasing a business" for less than <strong>$ 1 m</strong>, visit the <a title="Businesses For Sale" href="http://dailey.wpengine.com/businesses-for-sale/">"Businesses For Sale"</a> Tab on our website menu. For Businesses greater than <strong>$1 M</strong>, choose the <a title="M&amp;A Engagements – BUYERS" href="http://dailey.wpengine.com/ma-engagements-buyers/">"M&amp;A Engagements</a>" Tab.If you have "become frustrated because you cannot find the business you want" after chasing "pot-luck" offerings, visit the "Buyer" section of our web site for information on how we can represent you through a <a title="Buyer Search / Representation" href="http://dailey.wpengine.com/buyer-search-representation/">Buyer/Search Representation</a> for the business acquisition you would like to pursue. Call us (817-663-0001 or 972-354-1000) or send us a <a title="Contact Us" href="http://dailey.wpengine.com/contact-us/">"Contact Us"</a> email to schedule a time to learn how we can help you achieve your goal of selling or purchasing a business. If you need business loan or acquisition financing, we can introduce you to Non-Bank and SBA Preferred Lenders.Whether you are selling or buying a business, contact us to learn how it is in your best interests to have a trusted transactional specialist working for you.</div>